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Professional Tree Pruning

Including the removal of any deadwood, diseased and dying limbs i.e. mistletoe, termite infestations, borers and varying tree diseases.

The professional removal of limbs that may be growing too close to your home, garage, neighbouring property or overhanging fences.

Selective pruning of any tree for the purpose of its regeneration.

Tree Pruning

When protecting the health of your trees and shrubs is the primary goal, tree pruning can come really handy. At ALS Tree Service, we have professional arborists who can handle tree pruning expertly without damaging the tree.

As a leading name in tree services, we employ the latest pruning equipment and techniques to deliver the best tree pruning services. Once our crew completes the job, you get to enjoy a bright and attractive landscape with healthier trees and shrubs.

Prevent Disease from Spreading

Pruning involves getting rid of branches that are dead, damaged or diseased. Doing so prevents decay or disease from spreading to other parts of the tree.

Make Trees More Disease-Resistant

When a thick growth is thinned, it helps bring in more sunshine to the trees. Air circulation improves as well. This paves the way for newer fresher leaves and branches. The trees also become healthier and more disease-resistant.

Prevent Damage by Crossing Branches

If your tree has crossing branches, there’s a huge risk of these branches rubbing against each other. When the weight of a branch leans heavy on another branch, it can wear off the bark of the weight-bearing branch, making it vulnerable to infection.

We can put an end to such risks with our efficient pruning services. Our pruning service will help minimise the growth of such crossed branches in future.

Make Trees Safer for You and Your Neighbourhood

Trees with low-growing branches or weaker small branches can be hazardous, especially during heavy rains or storms, as they can injure people or damage cars, especially if there is an adjacent sidewalk.

Moreover, trees with branches overhanging power lines, fences, neighbouring property or even your own home, need to be removed before they cause damage.

Facilitate Disciplined Branch Growth

Trees can feature rebel branches that grow out-of-course themselves while forcing other branches to do the same. As a result, such trees look misshapen and clumsy.

With pruning, the growth of such rebel branches can be curbed at an early stage before the unruly growth spreads to other branches.

With balanced and well-grown trees, your landscape takes on a beautiful look.

Limit or Promote Growth

With correct pruning methods as followed by ALS Tree Service, you can restrict the growth in areas where there already is a thick growth. Similarly, pruning enables thinner areas on the trees to experience thicker growth.

DIY Pruning Can Harm Trees

In order to witness the true benefits of pruning, it is important to ensure that the process is performed correctly. Use of improper equipment or inappropriate pruning techniques can damage the tree instead of helping it.

Pruning the incorrect parts of the branch, making inappropriate cuts or leaving back stubs, are some incorrect techniques that can cause irreparable damage such as wounds, rotting and decay.

Avoid such damage by calling our experts at (02) 4774 8064. We offer other services such as tree removal, tree lopping and tree trimming, too.

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