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Crown Restoration

To improve structure of previously topped, vandalized or storm damaged tree.

Trees that have been mismanaged or neglected require remedial work so they can regain structure. Crown restoration is the only solution to fix a poorly pruned tree. It is the process of selectively pruning a storm-damaged or topped tree.

When your trees are topped, improperly trimmed or damaged, crown restoration offers the perfect solution. New sprouts crop up in place of lost foliage. Multiple sprouts will compete for dominance. Moreover, the new sprouts may attach weakly and can break if left unchecked.

Our experienced arborists can prevent this from happening with crown restoration. We will guide the growth of the sprouts and limbs and even prune the sprouts and branches selectively with a view to producing a structurally robust architecture.

Tree Crown Restoration Specialists

At ALS Tree Services, we specialise in crown restoration. With years of experience in crown restoration, our arborists can provide a suitable solution. Crown restoration is a long-term process that requires a plan. Our arborists will work with you to create a suitable crown restoration plan for your tree.

What We Do

Our aim is to introduce stability into the tree. With our crown restoration service, we aim to bring balance to the areas of the affected areas of the crown. That’s the sure-fire way to make the crown fail-proof.

As part of our crown restoration service, we will:

  • Reduce or remove damaged branches
  • Reduce exposed branches
  • Remove hangers and any other risks
  • Restore balance to the crown

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When you are not sure how to restore health and stability to your tree, contact AL'S Tree Services for a free assessment. Our arborists will visit your property for an inspection. He will then help you understand the options. When you are looking for professional and reliable crown restoration services, look no further. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. Call 02 4774 8064.


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