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Block & Land Clearing

ALS Tree Service can help with block and land clearing. You may want to clear your land to accommodate new construction, create a firebreak, update your landscape or to just clean your yard. No matter the purpose, ALS Tree Service is well-equipped to meet your needs.

We are a family-owned tree services company offering expert land clearing services planned and implemented by highly qualified arborists. We offer complete land clearing services including tree removal, stump grinding and removal, tree mulching and shrub clearing.

We employ the latest equipment and techniques to deliver highly efficient land clearing services. Our clearing service delivers the following benefits.

Greater Safety from Wildfires and its Consequences

With our well-studied and planned clearing, dry vegetation, wooded trees and other dry debris are removed completely. Dry growth increases the risk of spreading of fire during wildfires, which can cause damage to your property, or worse become fatal for you or your neighbours. Risk of fire hazards and accidents increases your legal liability.

With our expert clearing service, only mulch and yards of pure earth remain. With no fuel to burn, these areas become less of a risk for wildfire eruptions, giving you a safe land and complete peace of mind.

Increased Property Value

A property covered by trees can look cluttered. With our professional tree clearing service, your land becomes clean and good-looking, giving a clear view to prospective buyers about its potential. A well-cleared land thus increases your chances of gaining high profits.

Reduced Overcrowding by Pests

Thick unchecked foliage can attract pests such as rats, beetles, snakes and termites. Implementing effective pest-control measures may not be possible in such areas. This enables the creatures to multiply and wreak havoc on the land by destroying vegetation or causing other destruction. Prevent such undesirable events by hiring our tree clearing service in time.

Protection of Soil Integrity

Too much greenery can deplete the soil of its nutrients. Such soil deficiency can lead to the death of weaker trees and slow deterioration of healthier greenery. With ALS Tree Service up-to-date clearing techniques, such threat to the soil is prevented.

With ALS Tree Service, you get a professional tree management company that works with your best interests in mind. We study your land first to understand its geography. This enables us to apply techniques and equipment that do a perfect job of clearing without causing any damage to utilities such as sewage pipes, plumbing lines, cables or other crucial underground entities.

We remove everything undesirable, risky and dangerous on the land, leaving behind a safe, healthy and good-looking property.

ALS Tree Service is known for the cost-effectiveness of our clearing services. We offer free quotes. There are special offers for pensioners.

Give us a call at (02) 4774 8064 to have our land clearing experts conduct a risk assessment of your site and diagnose any tree problems.


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