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Palm Tree Trimming

 ALS Tree Service speciale in the trimming of all species of Palms trees.

Palm trees with their flowers and fruits can be very beautiful to the sight. However, must be maintained regularly to be of continual service to you.

Tree trimming is an important maintenance aspect of the beautiful palm. Palm tree trimming is essential to maintain the beauty of palm and to ensure that it is safe for people and property.

ALS Tree Service offers expert palm tree trimming service in the greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We specialise in trimming palms that are considered dangerous or extremely difficult.

Get a free no-obligation quote and special pensioner discounts for your palm tree trimming task by calling us our experts at (02) 4774 8064.

Let’s take a look at some important reasons why you should trim a palm on your landscape.

Threat to Safety

Dead or dying fronds if not removed in time pose a serious risk to occupants and neighbours. They can fall on people walking on the streets and sidewalks, causing injury. They can also damage property or vehicles in the vicinity.

Fronds that have fallen down and not yet removed pose the threat of fire hazards. These fronds are very dry and a spark or a bolt of lightning is enough to light them up.

Unsightly Landscape

By not pruning a palm tree in time, you encourage excessive growth of dead fronds. This cluster can look unsightly in an otherwise beautiful garden.

Lowers the Property Value

Trimming palms should be a part of regular maintenance. Ignoring this aspect can put your property in a bad light in the eyes of appraisers and potential buyers, especially if you are keen on selling your property.

In such cases, you may have to compromise on the original asking price. Even, if you do not want to decrease your asking price, much money will be wasted in the form of deferred maintenance of your palm trees.

The Threat of Rodent Invasion

Dead fronds are a great invitation for rats. Rats will make the dead frond cluster their home and will refuse to move out. As a result, you’ll have a landscape infested with rats, a situation that is not only unsightly but also highly damaging.

Rats are known to spread rabies and they can wreak havoc on your landscape. The situation can worsen if they slowly gain entry into your home.

Taller Palms Pose Greater Risk

The taller the palm, the riskier it becomes to have the tree around. Taller palm trees bear bigger green fronds. They become heavier as they dry. So the taller the palm, the heavier the fronds.

A strong wind can blow these fronds down, straight on your property or people, or that of the neighbour’s – either way you are at great risk.

At ALS Tree Service, we suggest palm tree pruning at least once a year. If the healthy fronds on the palm are giving way to fronds that are brown, dry or dead, it is an indication that your palms need a thorough pruning.

ALS Tree Service Sydney employs the latest pruning tools and safety practices to get a thorough job done. Whether you want to remove the palm or use other tree services such as stump grind, land clearing and firewood & mulch sales, our tree specialists are available to cater to your tree maintenance needs.

Get in touch with our qualified Sydney arborists today for more information about our palm tree removal and trimming services.

Palm Tree Trimming by ALS Tree Service Sydney


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