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ALS Tree Service provides firewood in Sydney, the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains. Can be delivered or picked up.

Things to Consider when Converting a Fallen Tree into Firewood

Firewood is an environmentally-friendly way to create fuel for your household or commercial space. Converting fallen trees into fuel-wood saves you a substantial amount of money on fuel given the rising costs of other sources such as oil and natural gas.

Calling ALS Tree Service is the best, safest and cheapest way to make your fallen trees work for you. We are a complete tree service company with years of experience in converting fallen trees to firewood. We can pick up the fallen trees and deliver them as firewood for you.

Our service is available in the greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Please call (02) 4774 8064 for enquiries.

Here are some factors to keep in mind if you are considering converting your fallen trees into firewood.

Become Wood-Aware

It is essential to understand the difference between hard wood and softwood before you create dry firewood for fuel.

The best dry wood for fuel – one that burns long with a strong fire – comes from trees bearing hardwood. The popular iron bark wood is an example of hardwood. Hardwood is heavier than softwood and takes about 18 months to dry.

Softwood is easier to split and cut. This wood is also quick to dry. A drawback of softwood is that it burns up quickly, which means you’ll have to split and cut the wood twice as much as hardwood for the same amount of fire.

A typical way to identify hardwood and softwood trees is by examining their seeds and leaves.

The seeds of hardwood trees come with a covering whereas softwood trees do not have any covering skin. Also, hardwood trees shed leaves during fall whereas softwood trees can be seen with their leaves intact all through the year.

Be Equipped with the Right Tools

You’ll need the following equipment and accessories for the task at hand:

  • Iron wedge
  • Chainsaw
  • Plastic wedge
  • Sledgehammer
  • Log-splitting maul
  • Chopping block or stump
  • Sturdy jeans
  • Work gloves
  • Rugged boots

Choose a spacious area with no property or people nearby, to prevent any damage or injury by flying wood splinters. Also, ensure that you have enough room to move, lift and swing your maul freely.

An Environment-Friendly Fuel Source

While there is a growing debate about the eco-friendliness of firewood, organisations such as Firewood Association of Australia are helping create awareness regarding the renewability and environment-friendliness of this fuel source.

This non-profit organisation along with its members of the firewood supplier fraternity are helping increase the demand for firewood as a fuel source.

ALS Tree Service is a responsible and reputed firewood supplier. We can deliver fuel-wood comprising Australian hardwood and mixed hardwood varieties, and the popular ready to burn red gum wood and ironbark firewood.

Whether you want an open fire to cook an outdoor dinner or beat the cold, we have fuel-wood ready for you. We also cater to fuelwood requirements of outlets such as pizza shops, eateries and other commercial spaces where fuel source is integral to business operations.

We deliver wood stacks in precise cubic meters as per your requirement and ensure that the wood is safely stacked. Not one cubic meter of firewood will be damaged with our meticulous preparation.

Call ALS Tree Service Sydney at (02) 4774 8064 for enquiries.

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