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Tree Removal

Specialising in the removal of dangerous and suspect trees for example; trees overhanging houses, pools, fences electrical wires or growing in confined spaces where access is limited. Regardless of whether the tree is large or small, dead, dying or alive, Al’s Tree Service can professionally handle any and all situations.

As beautiful and healthy as trees are, they can be equally dangerous, especially if they are in the vicinity of power lines, have suffered damage or are downright sick. A regular inspection can reveal signs that indicate that a tree needs to be removed.

If you notice any of these signs, call ALS Tree Service. We are a family owned company offering high quality tree management services in Sydney. We service the entire greater Western Sydney and Blue Mountains areas.

Our tree removal service is the safest and the most effective. We have fully qualified arborists who can identify trees that can be a danger to you and your neighbourhood. As a tree removal service with several years’ experience, we get the job done right the very first time, saving you money, stress and time.

Our tree removal experts can access trees in any space. Whether you have trees hanging over your house, pool or electric wires, or those that need to be removed from extremely narrow spaces, our tree removal service has got you all covered. Our experts can handle trees of any size including huge and dangerous ones.

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to consider tree removal.

A Sudden Lean in Trees

If a tree in your landscape is leaning suddenly, it could be a sign that the branch has broken or the roots are deteriorating. Either way, it is imperative that you get the tree removed immediately before it causes any injury.

Half-Damaged Trees

Such trees may continue to exist, but they are more likely to have stunted or abnormal growth. They make your landscape look unsightly.

Damaged or Fungi-Infested Trunk

If a large portion of the tree trunk has cracks or is severely damaged, it is better to remove the tree. Such damage can often be an indication of internal decay. If a major part of the trunk is infested with fungi, it indicates internal damage, and the tree may have to be removed.

Inconvenient Species of Trees

This category includes trees that are naturally damage-prone or damage-causing either because:

  • Their wood breaks easily
  • They are an exclusive species that attracts specific insects and diseases often
  • They have roots that grow close to the surface, damaging pavements in the process
  • They are highly invasive, spreading their species throughout the landscape through rapid reseeding

Trees Close to Power Lines

These trees are a danger waiting to destruct!

If you see trees close to or spreading above the power lines, it’s best to cut the offending branches immediately. During the rainy season, there is a serious risk of electricity coming into contact with wet branches, causing a prolonged power outage. It can even damage your property severely!

Consider having such trees removed altogether to prevent hazards.

Our tree removal Sydney services are available at affordable prices. We offer a free quote too. We also provide tree lopping, stump removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and land clearing. We are a fully insured team with years of experience. Our arborist reports on time and is friendly and professional.

Get in touch with our tree and stump service experts at (02) 4774 8064 to get an obligation free quote.


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