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Tree Trimming

Pruning for air movement, light penetration, which also lawn to grow in the shaded areas around tree, reduced wind sail effect and heavy limbs.

At ALS Tree Service, we highly recommend regular tree trimming. This is a great way to maintain your trees in good health, shape and beauty. A fully qualified arborist will perform expert tree trimming services for you. Our experts are fully certified, which means you’ll get a perfect job done and have complete peace of mind.

With our expert tree trimming services, you get to experience the following benefits.

A Bright and Beautiful Landscape

Without proper trimming, trees tend to grow out of shape with branches protruding in different directions.

With our experts working for you, you’ll have all overgrown branches cut to shape. We can perform expert trimming on shrubs as well. We use advanced equipment to trim trees and shrubs to exact dimensions so that you have a well-cut and balanced landscape.

With unwanted branches out of the way, more sunlight will reach your landscape. You’ll have an open and brighter landscape once we’re done trimming the trees.

Healthier Trees

Trimming infuses new energy into trees, giving way to healthier new branches. A healthy tree comes with its own unique glow, which spreads a positive energy throughout your landscape.

Trimming gets rid of damaged and unhealthy branches. Our experienced arborists will identify any signs of disease and rot as they trim. We notify you immediately and suggest remedial measures. With timely action, we can help you stop the spread of disease to other parts of the tree.

No More Damage-Causing Trees

Untrimmed trees with weak limbs are a hazard not only to your property and family but also to your neighbours. A storm can cause a weak branch to fall on your neighbour’s car; a heavy rain can cause overgrown branches to fall on the power lines interrupting power services, or worse, causing personal injury.

When you hire ALS Tree Service, we ensure that your trees are trimmed in a way that they do not pose any danger to your neighbours or you. We follow safety procedures onsite to ensure the safety of your property, family and our employees.

Save Nearby Plants

Overgrown trees and shrubs can stunt the growth of plants in the vicinity by preventing sunlight, water and nutrients from reaching them. Regular trimming helps overcome such issues before they cause huge damage.  

With proper trimming, you create an enhanced and healthier landscape and even get to become better neighbours.

When you want to get your trees trimmed, ALS Tree Service is the tree company to call. We are a complete tree services company offering a range of other services including tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding and stump removal.

We are a family-owned business with several years of experience in tree management. Our services are available throughout Greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

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