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Palm Tree Removal

A palm tree is known for its ability to grow in any type of climatic condition and altitude. The presence of palm trees adds a tropical touch to your landscape. What’s more, they grow up without demanding a lot of watering or nutrition.

Despite their benefits, palm trees can sometimes become a liability, even threatening your personal safety and property.

If you already have a palm tree in your landscape but want to remove it, ALS Tree Services can help. We are a professional palm tree removal service in the Blue Mountains and Greater Sydney areas.

Our palm tree removal technicians are fully insured. Also on offer as part of our palm tree removal service, are free no-obligation quotes and pensioner discounts.

Our tree removal specialists can handle projects of any scale including the removal of large and dangerous palm trees. Apart from palm removal, we offer a range of other tree services including stump grind, tree trimming, land clearing, and firewood & mulch sales.

Here are some ways palm trees can become messy.

Palm Trees can Damage Building Structure and Utilities

Palm trees are known for their super-strong roots, which pervade deep into the soil and establish themselves firmly within. However, the roots tend to grow long. As a result, it can be risky to have these trees near your property, especially near the foundation, or nearby building utilities such as power, plumbing and gas lines.

Palm Trees are a “Noxious Weed”

The cocos palm variety, in particular, is declared a “noxious weed”. In fact, this palm species is listed in the NSW Government Gazette’s Noxious Weed (Weed Control) Order 2014 under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.

One of the most affected species by this palm variety is the flying-fox. A great number of the bats are known to suffer injuries and even succumb to death as a result of exposure to this palm.

The palm fruits, for example, can be toxic for flying-foxes when consumed green. A lesser-known reason for the death of younger flying-foxes are palm fruits – these sticky fruits can result in dehydration or even death.

Palm Drupes can be Dangerous

Drupes are palm fruits, which can pose a potential risk for human beings and property. They can fall on people or property causing massive damage. These fruits tend to become heavier as they ripen. When they fall, they can cause ugly stains in the area, which can be your own property, or a neighbour’s, or even a vehicle in the neighbourhood.

Heavy Palm Fronds Pose Risks of Injury and Damage

Dead palm fronds can come together over time, forming a cluster, which poses the risk of injury.

Fronds are also a great settling place for vermin, which add to the unsightliness of the place while also making it unhygienic for building occupants.     

Palms do Not Make Good Border Trees

Palms are known for their less-than-dense foliage. If you are looking to add a palm tree to your landscape to increase shade and privacy, you’ll be in a rude shock as these trees do not provide much of both with their sparse leafage. That’s why palm trees are not a great solution as your landscape borders. 

The risks of palms outweigh their benefits. It is always better to have your palm trees removed as a precaution than having to repent in leisure.

Call ALS Tree Service Sydney at (02) 4774 8064 for an expert palm removal service.


Palm Tree Removal by ALS Tree Service Sydney


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