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At times property owners may have done pruning themselves, or a storm has resulted in the loss of limbs and foliage, Al’s Tree Service can chip the fallen limbs and either remove or leave the chips on site if a client requests.

Benefits of Wood Chipping

Looking for ways to get rid of your felled tree? Why not convert it into organic gold through wood chipping and mulching?

ALS Tree Service is your reliable wood chipping partner. Our wood chipping services are available in Greater Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

We are a complete tree maintenance company. So, whether you want your trees removal, tree pruning, tree trimming or want to convert your felled tree into wood chips and mulch, our tree specialists assure you of a high quality service.

As a leading wood chipping service in the region, we come with extensive experience and latest equipment for the job. We employ premium wood chipper and our expertise to sort out and select only that debris that helps create the best quality mulch for you.

If you are wondering how converting your felled tree into mulch can benefit you, here are some reasons why you should consider such a conversion.

Mulch Puts Weeds in Check

Weeds need sunlight for growth. When you use mulch, it serves as a barrier, obstructing sunlight from reaching the weeds, thus arresting their growth.

Mulch Helps Retain Moisture

The presence of mulch ensures that the soil has enough moisture. Organic mulch consists of wood chips and other tree debris such as pine straws and needles, crushed leaves and grass clippings.

This mixture is spread on the top layer of the soil. This organic mulch absorbs water and slows down evaporation, thereby preventing loss of water.

Water retention of soil is significant especially during warmer climates when plants need more water. By helping retain moisture, mulch also helps you save on water usage bills.

Mulch Improves Soil Health

Heavy rains can carry away soil nutrients, but the presence of mulch serves as a barrier, preventing such occurrence and preserving soil health and fertility.

What’s more, the organic materials used in the soil decompose naturally and in the process release nutrients into the soil. This adds to the nutrient quotient of the soil further.

Mulch also prevents soil erosion, a phenomenon where soil’s top layer – the most nutrient-rich layer of soil – is washed away by water. As a layer between the soil and water, the mulch withstands the impact, thereby lessening its force on the soil.

Another way organic wood chip mulch benefits soil is by attracting earthworms. Earthworms increase the quantity of water and air that reaches the soil. They also bring down organic matter from above the soil, to soil interiors, increasing thereby its nutritional quotient.

Mulch Helps with Pest Control

Mulch prepared from certain tree debris, especially trees with natural oils and fragrance, can keep pests at bay.

Mulch Saves you Money

Preparing your own mulch is a cost-effective alternative to inorganic mulch, which can be expensive. Buying organic mulches is affordable, but it needs to be replaced regularly, which adds to the cost.

Why spend money when you have precious mulch-making materials in your own garden?

Trust ALS Tree Service Sydney to create the best mulch for you from your yard. We have mulch specialists who are experts at identifying tree debris that is best suited for your soil conditions and existing landscape issues such as heavy pest growth. We develop mulch accordingly so that you get the best results.

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