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Pruning Services Sydney

Trees and shrubs can beautify any place. However, as they grow, maintenance becomes crucial. Tree pruning is an important service we offer to help young trees develop in a healthy manner while retaining their aesthetic appeal. With our tree pruning service, we can help keep your outdoor area beautiful and healthy.

Reasons for Pruning Your Trees

Tree safety is an important reason for pruning your trees. Our qualified arborist can provide professional tree pruning services along with dead wooding, removing unsafe branches and weight reduction pruning, which is a precautionary measure that helps reduce the risk of limb failures.

Tree pruning also helps keep your trees healthy. Branches usually die because of a lack of light, pest damage, disease or even structural damage in the roots. When a tree suffers from a disease, tree pruning can bring it back to its healthy state.

A tree’s thick canopy can reduce the amount of light entering your backyard. Thinning out the tree’s canopy will bring in more light, which will reach smaller trees and plants. If you feel that your shaded garden does not receive enough sunlight affecting the growth of the grass, tree pruning can do the trick. Thinning, in fact, also helps improve the air circulation.  

If you have flowering trees, our specialists can prune them to ensure they look their best all year round.

Our Approach to Tree Pruning in Sydney

There are a variety of approaches to tree trimming and pruning. It all depends on whether it’s a mature tree or a young tree. Moreover, there are special techniques for fruit trees, flowering trees and for enhancing the landscape views.

At ALS Tree Service, we provide the complete range of tree services including tree lopping, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding and more. With years of experience in tree services, our tree specialists have mastered a variety of tree pruning techniques. We use proven techniques and specialised equipment to provide a professional service.

For mature trees, we will begin by evaluating the condition of the tree to choose the best method for removing dying and dead branches to ensure the tree stays healthy and safe. 

For younger trees, the goal of tree pruning is to ensure they grow while retaining their form and natural shape with a solid framework. This helps the tree to stand its own against hazards like harsh weather conditions, pests and unpredictable weather.

We even provide vista tree pruning to ensure your trees look aesthetically pleasing and enhance the view of your landscape.

We can even help trees, vines and shrubs to take a variety of shapes.

As part of our tree pruning services, we rely on the following techniques and equipment:

  • Climbing
  • Ladders and step ladders
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
  • Motorised pole saw
  • Extendable poles with different attachments
  • Hand saws
  • Secateurs
  • Motorised pole saw

Over the years, we have understood that different types of trees react in different ways to pruning, and this reaction even varies from season to season. That’s why we rely on proven techniques and methods to deliver the best results around the year.

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Pruning Services Sydney by ALS Tree Service


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