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Tree Removal Fairfield

Weeds have a detrimental effect on the environment, the economy, people’s health and the health of cultivated plants. If left unchecked, weeds can also create havoc on agricultural land, water bodies, natural landscapes and coastal areas.

Weeds are also referred to as invasive plants and typically spread aggressively, multiply in large numbers and can survive in extreme conditions.

If you spot a tree that is considered a weed, contact ALS Tree Service immediately. Our arborists will visit the site to identify the weed and remove it safely without damaging cultivated trees or your property.

We are fully covered by public liability insurance. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, our arborists will carry out the weed and tree removal process without affecting the power line or other amenities.

Let’s take a look at some common weeds that invade properties across Australia.

The Cadaghi Tree

This tree can grow to huge proportions thereby blocking sunlight and extracting nutrients from the soil that can stunt the growth of cultivated trees. It produces a soot-like substance that deposits as a black layer on surrounding vegetation and structures. With the Cadaghi tree on your property, you can be sure that the outsides of your structure will look blackish within a year.

The Yellow Oleander

Although many people love this tree and it is not actually a weed, it is best removed because it is highly toxic. Accidental ingestion of flowers, leaves or the fruit of the yellow oleander can be fatal.

The African Tulip

This is a noxious weed that can grow to enormous proportions. The African Tulip has a powerful and destructive root system that sucks out nutrients from the soil. If you have an African Tulip in your yard, we can remove the entire tree along with the tree stump and the roots.

The Pepper Tree

The pepper tree is another moderately sized weedy plant that you would rather not have in your yard. Apart from their weedy nature, these trees are difficult to shape and look like an ugly mass of tangled branches. Our tree pruning specialists can give trim and give shape to the pepper tree if you really want to retain it. However, we highly recommend that you remove it.

The Tobacco Tree

This disgusting and hideous looking tree should be on the top of your list for removing undesirable plants from your property. Having no aesthetic appeal, this is a sturdy plant that can infiltrate and propagate across diverse environmental conditions. The trees are resistant to weedicides and the leaves irritate the skin if you accidentally rub against them. What’s more, they have a pungent, unpleasant odour and the fruit is toxic too.

The Camphor Laurel Tree

This is another highly invasive evergreen tree that quickly multiplies and eliminates other vegetation around it. It is extremely adaptable, produces seeds prolifically and grows rapidly. It has a shallow but dense root system and is usually accompanied by a huge canopy. Further, it suppresses the growth of other saplings and trees. 

Call Our Tree Removal Fairfield Specialists

There are several other weeds that are both native and exotic to Australia. Our trees services are fully equipped with all the right tools to remove any kind of weed from your property. Our range of tree work services includes tree maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming(including palm tree), crown reduction, land clearing and other services related to removing and maintaining trees.

We assure you of competitive rates, free quotes, discounts for pensioners and even 24-hour emergency service. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you remove that weed from your garden. Call 02 4774 8064!


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