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Stump Grinding

Regardless of the size, or number of stumps, ALS Tree Service has the machinery necessary to provide the professional removal of stumps.

ALS Tree Service can sometimes recommend complete stump removal through stump grinding process when performing a tree removal service. Such service by our professional stump grinding experts becomes essential when the tree is very large or old and its roots are so deeply entrenched that it is difficult to remove the stump.

Our stump grinding service involves the use of advanced high-speed equipment – a stump grinder – to shred the difficult stump into tiny chip pieces. Once shredded, the entire stump is reduced to a pulp at ground level.

It is then converted into mulch with a covering of fertiliser or soil.

With our highly experienced tree stump grinding service, you’ll experience a clean and safe process. No matter the number of trees removed or stumps left over, we have the expertise and the equipment to handle any volume professionally. Our services are available in North Shore, Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Stump grinding performed by our qualified arborists gives you the following benefits.

Creates a Safe and Beautiful Landscape

Apart from looking unsightly, stumps pose trip and fall hazard. With seniors, kids and pets involved, it becomes all the more important to have the stumps removed immediately.

Moreover, exposed stumps are a breeding space for snakes, ants, termites, bees and other pests. When pests create a habitat of your stump, it becomes an unsightly spot on your landscape. These pests can gain access into your home and create a mess.

With our professional grinding services, you’ll have a clean, beautiful and safe yard in a short time. With our safe grinding techniques and equipment, the grinding process will be thorough and flawless. Our professionals get it right the first time thereby saving you money and stress.

Makes Gardening More Convenient

The presence of a stump can make gardening difficult. It can be difficult to manoeuvre a lawn mower, for example, while mowing the lawn.

With our professional grinding services, you’ll have a clear yard where you can experiment with innovative gardening styles (which would be impossible with a stump in the way) and enhance your landscape.

Prevent Unwanted Tree Growth

Left ignored, tree stump can cause new plants to grow in the vicinity. The new growth can be detrimental to other plants in the yard as new plants start consuming water and nutrients meant for other plants.

Also, new plants from the stump tend to grow in clusters, which can leave your yard looking ugly.   

It is better to call in our experts sooner so that we can take timely action and prevent all the above problems.

ALS Tree Service offers competitive rates for stump grinding services. We also have special discounts for pensioners. Call us at (02) 4774 8064 to get a free no-obligation quote.

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